Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Exporter

We is the leader of Tropical fish exporter in Thailand. With large area for collecting  fishes form variety breeding farm of freshwater fish.

We support all kind of Shark ,Cat fish, Barb , Botia ,Loach ,Gouramy and famous Brackish as Mono, Scat , Puffer , Archer fish ,Panchax ,etc.

We also the leader of ornamental fish exporter ,we guarantee for beautiful color , good size with measure from its head to tail ,and appropriate prize. We can supply all kind of fish not only Betta ,Discus ,Osgar ,Cichlid ,Angle , Gold fish ,Koi and any tiny ornamental fish as Guppy , Platy , Bolloon , Swardtail but also the rare fish such as Paroon Shark , Rainbow and White Craw crab too

With experience more than 20 years  in aquarium fish exporter. We can supply you  new species of breeding fish in Thai and neighbour . Since we have export  tropical fish to worldwide we can save your delivery cost by add on quantity of fish in box to accordance with your distance and time of delivery. We guarantee good quality of fish with Health Certificate from Inland Aquatic Animal Health Research Institute. And 100% compensate for fish damage on delivery. Not only ornamental fish exporter but also supply all kind of aquatic plants with Phyto Certificate too.

If you are finding for good Tropical fish exporter , Ornamental fish exporter or aquarium fish exporter .